Find food, find food. "Find food" is the slang of "to work" in local Hong Kong language, implying that the major reason to work is to eat. Eating is their important culture, Hong Kongers work hard, and they are gurus for food. You can find cuisines from all around the world. Each year, the International Food Festival held in Hong Kong draws tens of thousands of visitors. Even though you are in Hong Kong for business, certainly you have time to taste some good food. Now, follow me to find food, I've picked the best 10 eateries for you -

10 best eateries :

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Types of eateries

Besides restaurants, cafe, and fast food chain stores, Hong Kong has other types too -
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10 best Hong Kong local food

Due to its geographic location, and wide exposure to different parts of the world, Hong Kong developed some uniqe food that is an assimilation of various food culture. The below food items (marked with **) are my top favourite 10 Hong Kong food, I strongly recommend you to try them all.
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Food/snack for souveniour

There are some snacks that you can bring back home, here is some suggestions - egg roll, almond cookie, honey glazed lemon, and Chinese old-style bakery. They are light, small size and packed properly, perfect for taking them to go.

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Exotic foods

For those of you who are in search for exotic foods, you have to extend your trip to the Mainland China. Hong Kong has very limited exotic foods.

Snake is probably the most exotic food you can find legally in Hong Kong. Usual snake cuisines are snake soup, sprinkled on top with biscuit flakes and dried lemon leaves. The best season to eat snake is late autumn and winter, as snakes warm your body up from the inside, besides, snakes are the fattest in these seasons as they ate plenty for hybernation, and it is easier to catch snakes when they are hybernating.

Snake bile is said to be able to heal chronic respiratory discomforts. To cure a long lasting cough, mix a snake gall bladder with wine, drink it quick as it is very bitter, then your cough will get better.

Ser Wong Fun Restaurent The most famous snake restaurant is the Ser Wong Fun Restaurant, G/F 30 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong. You can get there by exit D1/D2 of the MTR Central station, walk southbound onto Queen's Road Central, then west bound along Queen's Road Central and left on Cochrane Street, the restaurant is on your left. Ser Wong Fun Restaurant does not make tourism any easy, it does not have English store name, no English menu, waiters do not even have a mechanical smile and speak only a little English. Don't let these things frustrate you, you are there just for the snakes.

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Restaurant rows

Hong Kong has big population, and they are always busy, so eating out is very common. As demand is high, restaurants are everywhere, and there are plenty of locations where restaurants are packed together. These became handy for tourists as they can walk along the entire area and pick a restaurant that looks good for them.

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